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Damaged Car Auctions Articles

Stolen Car Racket Fuelled By Lax Laws

CAR rebirthing is on the rise across NSW and two known culprits are getting away with it.

Follow That Car

Worried about your car being stolen and sold elsewhere? You're right to be. Insurers established a national database to stop rebirthing of stolen vehicles, but thieves have started exporting the bodies. Alan Kennedy investigates.

Damaged Vehicles Are Big Business

SALES of damaged vehicles are becoming increasingly important to Fowles Auction Group following the signing last week of what is believed to be the largest individual automotive contract in Australia with Brisbane based insurance giant Suncorp-Metway.

Charlatans' Web

The days of speedo clocking and other used car frauds are under threat from the internet. Bob Jennings reports.

Silver Lining To A Hail Cloud: Car Dealers Sell Up A Storm

"I got the surprise of my life," said architect Mr Cedric Carle after he was told he would be sent a cheque for $10,300 for his 1995 Mitsubishi Lancer, so badly hail damaged that it was written-off by GIO yesterday. The assessor calculated the damage was worth more more